Achieve the results you want

Deal with anxiety

Break habits

Communicate better

Be more confident

Resolve the past

Manage anger

Stop being afraid

Resolve grief

Organise your life

Achieve your goals

Create a better future

Hypnotherapy can be used for: 

Habit modification:
Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Addictions – Drugs and Alcohol
Stress minimization 
Performance Enhancement 
Effective Goal Setting 
Relationship issues 
Parenting issues 
Children’s issues
Separation Anxiety
School refusal 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
Self hypnosis 
Eating disorders 
Migraine and headache management 
Sports performance 
Self Esteem issues 
Resolve childhood issues 
Phobias and Fears 
Anxiety and Panic Attacks 
Public Speaking 
Overcome shyness 
Self sabotage 
Performance Anxiety 
Study skills 
Work Related Stress 
Grief and loss 
Personal Development and Growth 

Hypnotherapy is a co-operative process combining hypnosis and therapy, in which the therapist facilitates the client achieving the agreed goal of the therapy using hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation.  In this altered state of consciousness a person is much more able to use therapeutic suggestions, explore problems and address issues to achieve effective change.  At all times the client remains in control, aware of their surroundings and their body.  

Hypnotherapy can be used to reduce physical symptoms, increase wellbeing and resolve the past.

Achieve the changes you desire easily
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